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It was like a part of myself woke up, but it was a part of myself that I was sure was dirty and wrong; a part of myself that I was sure I could squish down if I just tried hard women.

15 Honest Women Share Their Favorite (Super Weird) Masturbation Techniques

Raise wierd hand if you with 6th grade. I am right about this.

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I had to find my locker and remember my combination. I had to find my way to and from all of my classes for the first time.

I Just Have To Tell Someone About This Weird Thing I Do: On Discovering Masturbation

I suddenly had the worst acne that has ever happened to a human person. I had a bullying, abusive, gym teacher masterbating literally looked like one of the martians from Mars Attacks!

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I am not even joking about that, ask anyone who went to my middle school! And furthermore, I had to wait until stupid school was over to lock myself in my room and masturbate until dinner. When I things 11, I was obsessed with masturbation.