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Being a child star must be a freaking nightmare, because so many of the child stars we hear about have gone on to girl total train wreck adults. Lindsey's probably only a step away from going full-on pron yes, spelled that young on purpose -- it's a trendy thing or somethingand Miley is sort of already doing it on stage now.

Let's take a look at a few former child stars who just said, "Screw it!

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Drew's Celebrity Rehab after doing several porn films. But the upside for us, she did a porn movie titled "The Jeffersons: A XXX Parody".

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He found it tough to get work after the show surpriseand turned wet to porn. Not just porn, but PORN. He's credited with giving a "Dirty Sanchez," so you know this isn't something you're girlfriend is going to watch with you.

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