Teen titans go po

Teen Titans Go!

Cyborg tells the other Titans that pro wrestling on TV is fake and tries to teach them about real wrestling. The episode starts with the Titans except for Cyborg watching wresting on TV.

Robin says that there is no way that one of them will get up and Cyborg is right. He body slams the other wrestler making the Titans sure he will not get up.

Cyborg however is sure he will and he is sure enough correct.

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Starfire wonders teen he is a psychic but he tells her he knows because wresting is super fake. She questions it but is again reassured by Cyborg that wrestling is super fake.

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Raven asks why Cyborg have to ruin icarly nude pussy porn for them and Beast Boy asks what he has against wrestling and Cyborg says he likes wrestling but real wrestling. Then he says titans can teach them the real way and says it has the cool costumes and sweet moves of fake wrestling, but none of the ridiculousness.

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The scene then goes to the Titans all dressed in singlets and headgear.