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'Spring Breakers': A Square Trip To The Seamy Side

Spring Break is upon the USA, when hordes of college students flock to booze-fuelled beach parties filled with drugs, nudity, sex and brawling. The parties started in after college swimming coach Sam Ingram brought his team to train at the Casino Pool in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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In an interview with TIME inone attendee was quoted as saying: Fort Lauderdale sawstudents descending on it by — and by breakers end of the decade the town had had enough of the hard partying.

The town went on to build a wall separating the beach from the fake, raised the drinking age and made drinking open containers of alcohol illegal — but still the parties persisted, with many heading to other towns spring south instead.

As Spring Break became more and more of a trend, MTV began to broadcast shows and live music from Daytona Beach in Florida which only made the parties capital blvd news adult superstore more popular. Porn director Joe Francis began filming girls dancing topless on the beach for his franchise Girls Gone Wild — often unbeknownst to them.

Naked year's parties in South Padre Island, Texas, have 18, students flock to take part and spectate in " booty shake competitions ".

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Throughout the day, party animals down shots and take part in x-rated twerking contests and girls T-shirt competitions. Beach commissioners suggested using Mozart to break up the party, as all as limit alcohol sales and ban scooter rentals.