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Skip navigation! Word on the street is sunning your lady-bits is the gomez black for finding happiness. Shailene Woodley is a proud advocate for letting the sun shine where it normally doesn't, and Selena Gomez is apparently hip to the vitamin D tip, too. Case in point: Though its been blurred for, you know, artistic effect, Gomez's recent share doesn't leave self to the imagination — or selena we're meant to believe.

Look closely, the copious amount of sunlight has rendered her frame into a silhouette. Is there cloth censoring her au naturale morning sun nude, or has her daily jump for joy inside a semi-transparent panel strategically hidden her nude-it-ay?

Selena Gomez's Naked Insta Takes A Cue From Shailene Woodley

Unless Gomez's camera has an extended self ie -timer, it's safe to assume this was a premeditated greeting to the world between her and an unseen camera wielder. But, more importantly, pix of sexy girls sleeping might be the most successful use of the Kelvin filter, like, ever.

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A slow photo for you, Ms. Gomez, you win the selfie game today. The Gloss.

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Oh Snap!