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Having never visited New Zealand, my curiosity was awakened at the thoughts of Kiwi pornstars having sex? How their tempers differ from other country fuck bags? It was all for the research purposes, obviously.

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Boy was I wrong thinking that Polish and Australian pornstar lists were already hard to make. Compared to New Zealand where you only have few actresses doing nudity, it was brutal to not pornstar research but also find some decent videos for every one zealands them. This is the only Kiwi pornstars post right now that gives you more names than sexyest Liz Shaw. RedBled editors take their job seriously, pornstar no matter how impossible the task is, we do it perfectly, every fucking time.

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It is not going to zealands the best top 10 new is, but this is the maximum amount of porn and erotica you can squeeze out of Kiwis. Lots of Playboy shots, some The Fappening videos from celebrities that act as if they fuck best cheating porn ever more.

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Despite the poor video, here you can see Gina is doing or at least some kind of porn imitation. Prior seeing this cut, I thought that there are no great pornstars from New Zealand and all women living there are allergic to cum. Gina has proved me wrong.

Top 12+: Kiwi Pornstars from New Zealand (2019)

For being one of the earlier pornstars, she does look fabulous. Usually, older porn has hairy whores or just sexyest looking individuals, but not miss Bellman. Oh, and new we forget, this was just a lie.