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Calling all SCUBA Diver Girls —

Welcome to DiveBuzz! Thanks for visiting! Thumbing through the pages of a global diving magazine scuba, the influence of females within the sport was obvious.

Glamorous models sporting heated under garments, pink fins, purple masks, multi coloured computers, BCDs and wetsuits designed for the female shape were naked cell phone pics women a sample of the adverts.

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A clear shift within the industry diving females has occurred over the past decade and dive gear manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon, hook, line and sinker. Clearly there is money to be made from chick female divers! It seems that the shift from the macho image of diving to a softer side, a side that is perhaps more attractive to females, is working.

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But in the words of Lara Bingle, where the hell are they? I ask this off the back of a typical weekend for me, a naked of course spent in the water. The dive boat yesterday was packed, packed full of men! At our local shore dive today, the beach was similarly packed, packed full of male divers.