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One of movie favorite movies of all time as a child was of course the movie The Lion King. The animated Disney movie was aired in May For those of us who saw the movie once or even several hundred times like me knows the movie is about Simba and his struggles park become king, how good conquered evil and all the teary eyed and heartwarming moments in between. As young adults, I am sure you can remember how excited you were as a child about the release of the movie The Lion King at cinemas.

I was excited kruger words.

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I remembered queuing at the cinema with my parents and sister, anxious to finally see the movie. During the release of The Lion King at cinema, I was quite a hand full and a bit of a wild child.

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I ran bare foot and climbed every tree imaginable. I loved being outside in the field getting dirty and breathing the fresh air. I had quite an imagination back then too, so it certainly made sense that I was beyond excited to see this movie.