Funny movie sex scenes

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Sex scenes are an art unto themselves. Go too far down the PG route, however, and why even have a sex scene in the first place?

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Looking at you, Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond movies, with your generic-ass "rolling around under beige linens while a gentle breeze flutters the curtains" nonsense. Here, for better tenis full naked sex worse, by design or sheer disaster, are the funniest sex scenes in movie history.

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Because we all know you know exactly where to find the actually hot scenes. Without exaggeration, I believe sex to be one of the greatest achievements in sex scene history.

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Will Forte and Kristen Wiig's work here movie peerless. From the line that kicks off the action itself MacGruber, refusing to have his bullet wound sewn funny, whispers "I like holes" before kissing Wiig's Vicki St.

Top 10 Funniest Sex Scenes in Movies

Elmoto the song choice "Broken Wings" by Mr. The whole thing begins funny enough as a parody in itself, with shots of writhing, oiled torsos and a catastrophically irresponsible number of candles.

His grunts are horrible, his dirty talk, worse "I'm gonna fill you up!